Monday, December 25, 2006

Sergeant Keroro 2

Next of Keroro's member is Kururu.
Kururu or Sergeant major Kururu intelligence and strategic planning officer. He is yellow, with an orange cap and usually wearing headphones.Many time he invent weapon for his team(I think he like Doraemon). Some time he quarrel with Giroro

Dororo or Lance Corporal Dororo.He is blue with light blue eyes. Originally name Zeroro, he is always calm, and never loses his temper.When he live in the Keron he want to be a top assasin ,but after he come to the Earth and meet Koyuki he following the way of ninja ane love nature.He is the old friend of Keroro.When he was young he always had annoyed by Keroro.

These are Keroro's member.Next I talk about to main character in the story.

Fuyuki Hinata,he is 12 years old who captures Keroro and keeps him in his house.He very like a abnormal story, aliens, ghost and UFO.So he delight to have alien(Keroro) in his home.He is average in academics and sports.

Natsumi Hinata,she is Fuyuki's sister.She is 14 years old.She is smart and athletic, but also emotional, and somewhat overprotective of her brother from Keroro.Many time she call Karoro 'boke kaeru' (stupid frog).She is the lover of her friend because she smart,and Giroro like her too.

Aki Hinata,she is mother of Natsumi and Fuyuki.She is a beautiful single mother.She is also a black belt Aikido master, and the strongest member of the Hinata family.

Momoka Nishizava is 12 years old like Fuyuki.She is a billionaire.She love Fuyuki ,but she never tell to Fuyuki because she does not dare.She has twin dispositio.Sometime she very cute and innocent ,but when angry she strongs and aiternate to dark side(I think she is a berserker).She is the owner of Tamama, and like him .

Mutsumi Saburo is classmate of Natsumi. He skip class a lot.He has his own radio show which Natsumi listens.His partner is Sergeant Major Kururu who give him a pen that can draw anything and it is true.Saburo first met the Sergeant Major when the Keronian tried to strike off on his own and turn the students of Saburo's school into his servants. The reason that the two get along so well is because they share the same wave length.

Koyuki Azumaya is partner of Dororo.She is a ninja that introduce Dororo to these way.She is 14 years old and classmate of Natsume too.She has cheerful and peppy personality, and is never seen to be as angry as Natsumi would be to Keroro if he causes chaos.

Angol Moa is the King of Terror.She was sent to planet Earth to arrive in July 1999 for Earth's destruction, as predicted by Nostradamus, under orders from her father,but she woke up late to 5 years.She lands on Giroro's tent(Giroro live in his tent in Fuyuki's garden house).When she know she was late she start to destroy the Earth,until Keroro arrives and tell Moa to stop.Her weapon is the Lucifer Spear when not in use it looks like a cellphone. When she is using her attack, Hellmageddon, the Lucifer Spear becomes a golden staff with a moon on one end and a meteor on the other end.She is close friends with Keroro, who she calls "oji-sama" which means uncle.

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