Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gundam Seed Destiny 2

Kira Yamato does not want the war start again ,he and his friends must stop Gilbert and eradicate Low Gost. After that Athrun know what Gilbert will does, he escape from Z.A.F.T. and go to Kira. Low Gost start war by shoot Raquiam(the enormous weapon,in the first picture is Raquaim that shoot from back of the moon) at military base on the moon, Djibril boss of Low Gost command Raquaim shoot to military base of Z.A.F.T. ,but it miss it shoot to Space Colony that have a lot of people. Gilbert very angry he command to his army to attack at military base on the moon ,he success that he can kill Djibril and occupy military base on the moon. Next he shoot Raquaim to the earth at military base of Low Gost.When he can finish to eradicate Low Gost he publish stop war and start to ues Destiny plan. Destiny plan is the plan that set destiny of every body what they can do by DNA, and who can not do any thing they must die.Kira does want to see every ues Destiny plan,so they start the war again.In the war Athrun attack with Shin Atsuka and he can win. Kira can kill Gilbert and stop the war.The world have peaceful and this is the end of Gundam Seed Destiny.In the Gundam Seed Destiny,Kira Yamato my favorite character has new Gundam after that he attack with Shin and loss.New Gundam is Strike Freedom Gundam,it look like Freedom Gundam but it has eight wings.

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A. Jasper said...

Nice story. I don't quite understand destiny's story though..

B.t.w. Happy new year!!